Scientific interests

  • theoretical quantum optics, quantum information, geometry of quantum states
  • data science, complex systems, mathematical modeling in psychology, cognitive science, social networks, data mining
  • teaching gifted individuals (didactics, not research)

I have an interdisciplinary approach to science. For me a project must be interesting; I don't care if it belongs to one discipline or another (as long I have skills to solve it)… and I was quite surprised to learn that such approach is unusual in academia.

Current status: PhD in Theoretical Quantum Optics at ICFO (under prof. Maciej Lewenstein)

Currently working on

(Except for things mentioned in my recent publications)

  • Comparing arXiv math and MathOverflow
  • Analyzing data from Polish end-of-high-school exams (Matura)
  • Analyzing data of 1M 'set!s' from SET (a card game) - (data mining, mathematical cognitive psychology)
  • Finding objective difficulties of university courses (data mining, complex networks)

Older research projects or links


Piotr Migdal's citations

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Conference posters

Various (some in Polish)

(not a complete list)

  • P. Migdał, Quantum superposition - a guest post to John Baez's Azimuth blog (2015)
  • P. Migdał, Two heads are better than one. How about more? - a quest post to Theory, Evolution, and Games Group blog (2014)
  • M. Kotowski, M. Kotowski, P. Marczewski, P. Migdał
    An independent camp for high school geeks - on teaching gifted kids, bootstrapping an event and an informal atmosphere (2012).
  • M. Kotowski, P. Migdał
    Open Science and Science 2.0 - on new ways of doing science, collaboration and sharing discoveries (2012).
  • P. Migdał, S. Krawczyk
    Zespół Aspergera, nauki ścisłe i kultura nerdów (Asperger Syndrome, Hard Science and Nerd Culture), (2010), preprint available at my Mendeley account
  • P. Migdał
    Szczypta magii w każdym promyku – o polaryzacji światła (A bit of magic in every ray - about the polarization of light), III Sylwestrowe Warsztaty Naukowe, 65-67 (2010), pdf (a popular science article)
  • M. Kotowski, M. Kotowski, P. Migdał, K. Sołtys
    Drogowskaz Pasjonata, czyli jak rozwijać się w szkole i w trakcie studiów (Guidelines for the Curious - how to develop oneself during high school and university years), (2010), html (a collection of advice)
  • P. Migdał
    Mafia, zdradziecka parzystość oraz pi (Mafia, treacherous parity and pi), Delta - miesięcznik popularnonaukowy, 14-15, 07/2010, pdf (a short popular science article)
  • P. Migdał
    Zapaleńcy i Wypaleńcy, czyli rzecz o utracie pasji w trakcie studiów (Flames of passion… and of burnout, or: about loss of motivation during studies), (2010), html (an essay)
  • P. Migdał
    Matematyczny model gry w mafię (A mathematical model of the mafia game), Bachelor's Thesis, Faculty of Mathematics Informatics and Mechanics at the University of Warsaw (2009), pdf
  • eds: M. Zientkiewicz, P. Migdał, M. Nowaczyk, M. Pomorski, B. Szczygieł
    VII Ogólnopolska Sesja Kół Naukowych Fizyków - publikacja pokonferencyjna (7th Polish Physics Students' Societies Conference - proceedings), ISBN: 978-83-61026-05-1, (2009) (132 pages, 10 reviewed papers)
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